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Nothing Succeeds Like Success Essay Wikipedia Free

...another person and talking to them. Therefore,it can have meeting to improve communication . Furthermore, regular meeting and discussion can improve your friend relationship ,Because always hold regular meeting can shares ups and downs or any special topic (For man :They may talk about sports ;For woman :They may talk about makeup product or fashionable )with friends. When you ask some question to others , you can understand each other more. If your friends have the same ideas with you, you can easier to be friends with others ,so that can chat many time . Finally, it can increase communication within a group .Although e-communication (such as what app ,line ,e-mail )have a group chat ,we can only say short question (For instance :do you like eating ?What is your favourite thing? ) and it can’t everyone rely the message in time ,Therefore ,it may effect communication with each other . Besides this happen, when your friends feel upset, you can talk to her using body language , so it can make her feel warm and become more friendly .But e- communication can only types the message and don’t have any special feeling for people become warm ,so that it may decrease their friendship and feel sad .Therefore ,regular meeting and discussion is the best way to increase communication . Communication is paramount important in a group. If we don’t have regular meeting and discussion , we will dependent on e-communication, it may misunderstanding all the information or...

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  1. People who are already successful tend to have additional successes.
    • 1870, Wilkie Collins, Man and Wife, Prologue:
      Always rising, Mr. Delamayn rose next to be Attorney-General. About the same time—so true it is that "nothing succeeds like success"—a childless relative died and left him a fortune.
    • 1899, E. W. Hornung, "Gentlemen and Players" in The Amateur Cracksman:
      I gained considerable kudos for a lucky catch . . . and, as nothing succeeds like success, and the constant encouragement of the one great cricketer on the field was in itself an immense stimulus, I actually made a run or two in my very next innings.
    • 1962 October 12, "Education: All-Programmed School," Time:
      The theory of programmed learning is that nothing succeeds like success. It holds that some subjects are learned best when broken into tiny chunks of information that students can master one by one, each step providing its own little thrill of accomplishment.
    • 2009 Sep. 20, Edward Wyatt, "Familiarity and a Few Surprises at the Emmys," New York Times(retrieved 11 Dec 2012):
      In television, nothing succeeds like success. So it was Sunday night at the 61st annual Primetime Emmy Awards, where five of the top six categories featured repeat winners from last year.


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