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Tomie Depaola Biography Powerpoint Assignment

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Tomie developed a love for books at an early age probably because his mother loved books and read to Tomie every day. At the age of four, Tomie told anyone who would listen that he wanted to write stories and draw pictures for books and to sing and tap dance on the stage when he grew up.

  • At age 69, he admits he has done all those things

Tomie didn't get a contract for his first book for several years after graduating from Pratt.

  • When he did get a children's book job, it was to illustrate a science book called SOUND.
  • A year or so later, he wrote and illustrated his first book, THE WONDERFUL DRAGON OF TIMLIN.
  • He works in a new studio attached to a renovated 200-year-old barn in New London, New Hampshire.
Some Books By DePaola
  • Strega Nona
  • The Art Lesson
  • Brava Strega Nona (new release)
  • I Love You, Mouse (new release)
  • I Love You Sun; I Love You Moon
  • dePaola, Tomie. "Biography." TomiedePaola. 1999. TomiedePaola, Web. 13 Feb 2010. <http://www.tomie.com/about_tomie/index.html>.

Presentation on theme: "Tomie de Paola Author and Illustrator. Tomie de Paola is a famous author and illustrator. He has written over 200 books for children."— Presentation transcript:

1 Tomie de Paola Author and Illustrator

2 Tomie de Paola is a famous author and illustrator. He has written over 200 books for children.

3 An author is a person who writes books as a job.

4 White An illustrator is a person who draws pictures for books as a job. Tomie’s favorite color is “White” because it looks good with any color.

5 Tomie does his work at his home in New Hampshire,and loves to eat his favorite snack; popcorn.

6 Tomie has friend that keeps him company as he works, his dog “Brontë”. Brontë is an Airedale. He was born on September 13, 2004

7 Tomie knew he wanted to be an author and illustrator when he was only four years old.

8 His cousins, who were artists, told him to practice, practice, practice. Tomie did!

9 Tomie likes to write many different kinds of stories. One group of his stories tell memories of when he was a little boy. His favorite book as a child was Hitty, Her First Hundred Years by Rachel Field.

10 This is a photograph of Tomie’s family when he was a little boy.

11 This is a picture of Tomie’s grandfather, Tom.

12 Here’s a photo of Tom with Tomie’s mom, Flossie.

13 In the past, Tomie would say his latest book was his favorite, but once he received the final copy of Nana Upstairs & Nana Downstairs, he realized it was his favorite of all of his books.

14 This is a picture of Tomie’s favorite art teacher, Mrs. Bowers.

15 We will learn about all of these people and more when we read Tomie’s memory stories.

16 Tomie also writes books about the characters Strega Nona and Big Anthony.

17 Another great series of books tell about two friends named Bill and Pete.

18 Tomie’s newest series is about a family of dogs called the Barkers.

19 Tomie’s newest BOOK is about the exciting events in Strega Nona’s village preparing for the Feast of San Nicola.

20 More fun FACT’s About Tomie dePaola. Tomie was 70 on September 15, 2004. How old is he now in 2011? Tomie draws a when he signs his name because it is his abbreviation for “Love”.

21 We will read many of Tomie’s books based on TRUE life experiences. Tomie Books Are Great!!

22 You can learn more about Tomie at home by going to his website.

23 We can also learn more about Tomie by listening to him tell us about himself in these special interviews. http://www.readingrockets.org/books/inte rviews/depaola/

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